Friday, March 28, 2008

Azaleas, Calla Lilies and Fuchsias in the Garden

Last year I bought a white azalea at one of the stores in town. I planted it next to the fern and white calla lilies growing behind the front yard gate. There was a small pink azalea that was planted in a rock area with not much else growing. I transplanted the pink azalea next to the white azalea. The flowers are different shapes and both are starting to bloom heavily even with the rainy March weather. There are a number of white calla lilies blooming throughout the backyard area. Many are located directly under the holly trees in the shady area. The lilac in the backyard is starting to produce leaves and blossoms but no blooms yet. The kiwi vines were cut back in early spring. I really don't know much about taking care of kiwi vines yet, but they certainly are growing big leaves already after their spring trim, so far so good. This last weekend I potted up a start from a fuchsia I had growing in a hanging basket I potted up last year. Like the other hanging baskets I added some hanging blue lobelia to the new fuchsia basket. I'd better get started taking cuttings from my fuchsias so I can add more to my garden.

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