Monday, March 24, 2008

Passionflower Vines

The coastal air is really wonderful and a great place to grow some of my favorites such as rhododendrens, fuchsias and ferns. The first few months of gardening the spring rains kept me from getting very much gardening done. Good thing I like the rain because there's plenty of it in Humboldt county. I've discovered here that any sunny day that arrives on the weekend before summer is your opportunity to dive into gardening before the rain starts up again.

Walking up to our house the first thing you notice about our front yard garden is the white trellis with a pyramid shape at the top of the structure. Green hedges sit at either side of the trellis. The large home built white trellis has purple passion flower vines growing up through it. The many blooms in summer on the vines are gorgeous. I'm very surprised the passionflower vines do so well in this coastal climate. I have discovered over time the trellis boxes also have pink jasmine planted in each of the trellis boxes. The previous home owner loved pink jasmine, it is growing up the side of the deck in the back yard and up another tall trellis that is part of the deck. I love jasmine too but this variety likes to send out a huge amount of runners. I have to cut them back a few times during the year. The jasmine are not so easy to train up the wooden stakes I placed inside the trellis but I'm doing my best to get the runners to go upward. They have a tendency to flop out and hang from the white criss-cross boards of the trellis.

There are also two large passion vine growing over the front fence, part of which hangs into our backyard. These vines do not flower very much. Since I'm learning along the way about what to do with passionflower vines I decided a good trim in early spring is needed since the plant gets huge by summer. I'm hoping cutting it back will help cut back on the number of seedlings dropped by the vines into the front lawn.

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