Friday, April 11, 2008

BBC's Gardener's World Magazine

I have had a subscription to BBC's Gardener's World magazine for a number of years now. It is the only gardening magazine I subscribe to. I had subscriptions to many other gardening magazines, found this one and decided this was it for me. The magazine is not cheap by any means but well worth it, I renew my subscription by fax. The photos are gorgeous, the articles detailed and they cover a variety of different areas of gardening. My new magazine has an article on clemetis. Yes you have to take into consideration the difference in climate between the U.S. and England for planting information but the quality of articles is very high. There is an interesting question and answer section and a good what to do this month in the garden section by the editor of the magazine. I'm trying to propagate some primroses from info I read in an article last month. I'll know I succeeded by the end of July if the primrose leaves sprout new primrose plants in my greenhouse.

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