Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Calla Lilies, Pink Climbing Roses and Rhododendron

There are a number of well established calla lilies throughout my north coast garden. There are bunches of them located under the two holly trees in the backyard. Some of the lilies must be close to four feet high. The white flowers are very striking against the green spikes of the holly leaves and the green grass of the lawn. It might be nice to have a bunch of calla lilies out in the front yard. The front yard gets the most sun, it is much warmer there compared to the back, hence the climbing pink roses trained on the front yard fence. The roses are filling out well right now, I'm looking forward to the blooms in summer. We bought a rhododendron for the front yard. Rhodies grow so well here, anything acid based loves this Humboldt soil. I had to leave behind my first rhododendron in Petaluma. Even though it was in a container it was huge...too big to bring along. The blooms were a deep bright fuchsia pink, opening to a paler pink/white hue with a light blue streak in the blossoms. Very pretty. The new rhododendron is a purple variety. Its a small one gallon size with buds on it. Not sure if it will bloom this year or just take its time to grow. I'm eager to see it blossom. I love the colors purple and blue in flowers and design most of my garden using those colors along with pinks, white and yellow. Rhododendrons grow to an immense size in this area. We'll see how this one does. It is stationed next to the passionflower vine against the front fence.

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