Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding Purple Violet Plants

This last weekend my husband and I were working out in the backyard. I decided to take a look at the fern the past homeowner planted on the narrow side of the house next to our conjoined fence with our neighbors. After deciding it really wouldn't be a great idea to dig out the huge fern there (not a great planting choice by the previous homeowner), I discovered a number of violet plants near the edge of the fence that I didn't know existed. I was able to dig out six plants total with more plants tucked away in the grassy shade. I have one well established purple violet in a rounded beige pot. The plant has tons of violets blooming right now. The violet plant in the plant stand is so pretty sitting up on the deck. Violets at our local nursery are far from cheap so I was more than excited in finding the new plants readily available in my yard!

I planted my newly found violet plants in the shady ground section surrounding the azaleas and fern near the back gate. It is the perfect spot for them. I'm hoping they like it there and spread into a ground cover in the areas they are planted in. The bronze colored violet leaves sparkle next to the bright green of the new fern fronds curling up and outward, joining the variety of deep pink cyclamen under the massive fern plant.

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