Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Geraniums, Columbines, Delphiniums and a Hydrangea for the Garden

Our local nursery is having a big sale this week. We went there today looking for the Johnson's Blue geranium plants I've been asking about for at least a month. I just missed getting some last year, saw them and went back a few weeks later to find they were sold out. They are still not in. I'd like to get a few to fill in some sunny spots in the front yard. I've never had Johnson's Blue geranium in the garden before and am eager to try them. I especially love blue and purple flowers. I'm not the biggest geranium fan, I prefer the scented geraniums mostly although I had a few ivy leaf geraniums when I lived in Sonoma County and they grew beautifully. In the meantime I found some great buys, a six pack of columbines, delphiniums and foxgloves all on sale. The pink foxgloves that I bought from the farmers market last year are a good foot wide and starting to grow upward. I'm adding more in shady spots around the garden. I bought a columbine plant from the same farmers market but it was pulled out when we had landscapers cleaning up the front and backyard after moving in. So, another chance to plant them and hope they scatter plenty of seedlings around. I planted a blue delphinium last year but it did not come up again this year, could be it was late in its life cycle as it was beautiful for a short while then died back. I found a mix of blue, pink and purple delphiniums this time. I found a very small blue hydrangea for less than three dollars, really surprised as I'd never seen such a small version before, probably a four inch pot size. The salesperson at the nursery said it was the first time they offered hydrangeas in such a small size. I grabbed one as I love blue hydrangeas. I have a blue hydrangea growing in the backyard against the back fence in the shade, its growing well right now, very small but getting settled in. Guess I'll need to find another shady place to plant the other one. I'd love to have it in the front yard but its pretty sunny out there. I may try it tucked away in a corner of the house near the front window. I'll figure it out when I plant this coming weekend.

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