Friday, April 18, 2008

In the Garden's Greenhouse

I'm lucky enough to have a greenhouse of sorts. It's really just a makeshift greenhouse the previous owner built that functions as a greenhouse. It has a locking door but no real floor instead a dirt floor. Someday we'll fix it up but for now it works just fine.

Currently I have a number of different cuttings I'm trying to root. I don't have a great system in place for this and sometimes I just plain fail at it. Never had much luck with seeds other than easy ones like nasturstiums. I have had luck with rooting fuchsias in water then potting them up over the years. I've got four or five in water and one in a pot ready to go. I already planted two other fuchsias in hanging baskets around the deck and hot tub area. I'm up to five fuchsia baskets with two or three color varieties along with some cascading blue lobelia in the baskets.

I took a few pieces of a soft leafy looking purple geranium that was already in the yard when we moved here and put them in pots. I'm guessing since they are geraniums they will take root fairly easily. I'm not a big fan of the old fashioned geraniums but I do like this one, scented geraniums, Johnson's Blue and ivy leafed geraniums.

I snipped a few small pieces of a new lithodora plant I just bought and put them in a pot. One is actually already rooting! Pretty cool. I'd like to try spreading this plant around with their decorative blue flowers as ground cover, hopefully I can produce a lot of plants over time this way.

I have two sprigs of soft wood cuttings from an upright rosemary plant I potted up as well. I did this before last fall and rooted three new plants which are already planted out in the garden for this year. Hoping for a few more to place around the yard. I love the smell and look of rosemary, great for cooking and I love the pale blue flowers this plant produces. If rosemary roots this easily I wonder if this would work for lavendar? I have some very tiny six pack sized lavendars that overwintered in the greenhouse and then were planted under the climbing pink roses out front this spring. I'm not sure how hardy they will be or if they will survive but I couldn't pass up a six pack of lavendar at such a great price.

Lastly the tomato seeds are growing slowy with a few yellow flowers peeking out at the top of the vines. I'm more of a flower gardener than vegetable gardener but I am trying to get a few vines going in the greenhouse. Its fairly cold throughout the year here near the coast and tomatoes have a hard time of it. I'll probably keep them warmed up in the greenhouse all year and see what happens.

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