Friday, April 25, 2008

A New Shade Border for Flowers

We dug up an area at the back of the deck for a new shade flower border last weekend. The past owner really liked grassy areas. Unfortunately those grassy areas were not well maintained and roots are everywhere in the front and back yards. His idea of a border to surround plants was to use large stones which looks pretty but is not functional when it comes to keeping the grass out of the borders, its all too much fun to wrangle with it all. Our garden is full of spiders too. I don't use sprays on anything unless it is an organic method. Just don't like the idea of hurting any good bugs coming into the garden. I'm also careful about using snail bait because of the visiting cats coming through the yard. Too many snails of course but plenty of wildlife comes through our yard.

So we started pulling up sod for this border, a lot of digging, breaking up of grass roots and finding small stones in the dirt. Plenty of earthworms living there so its a healthy spot. Mostly in the shade although we get some sun back there on the north side of the house.

Between my husband and myself we spent a number of hours pulling up sod and digging back through the dirt. I planted three new pink foxgloves; transplanted a small starter fern from the front yard (too much sun for it) to the shady spot; planted a fuchsia I rooted from another plant; added another small fern frond I dug up from the side of the house, hoping it will grow; and a small blue hydrangea as the centerpiece of the flower bed.

I think this flowerbed will be very pretty once the plants start growing in. I love fuchsias, blue hydrangeas, foxgloves and ferns and am so glad to have more growing in my yard. I may add in some airy looking purple geranium plants I rooted from another plant in the yard and add them into the flowerbed. My guess is they will grow fine in the shade since they are so hardy. Will have to experiment to see if they are able to tolerate the shady flowerbed we created.

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