Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rhododendron Festival

In Eureka there is a yearly rhododendron festival with a number of activities including a parade and a rhododendron judging and sale at a local school. When you drive through town at the end of April you will see wild rhododendrons growing and flowering on the hills above the main road through town. We arrived at the school and found our way into the building. The rhododendron society sponsors the event and passes out ribbons to the best rhodies and photos of rhodies. There were so many beautiful specimens of rhodies there, it was hard to vote for the best of the rhodies and rhodie photos.

Our main interest was the rhododendron sale they have all weekend long. Having just paid $21 for a purple rhododendron for the front yard I was thrilled to see gallon containers of rhodies for $10. What a deal. The rhododendrons were grown in Oregon. We bought a beautiful deep red rhododendron for my mother-in-law since we were headed up to Oregon to visit soon. We thought it would be a great gift for her garden.

I selected a smaller variety violet blue rhododendron to plant in a pot on our deck. The rhododendron is already full of small delicate violet blue ruffled flowers. We are running out of room for bigger plants since the previous owner had quite a bit of larger plants in place before we bought the house. I figure I can always find a space for another rhododendron, they are so beautiful and thrive here in the coastal climate. Next year...another rhododendron in a pot, maybe even two!

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