Monday, May 12, 2008

Cotoneaster and Kent Beauty Ornamental Oregano

We were driving around town checking on a hardware store to see if there was a garden center. There wasn't which was disappointing. The garden center we usually go to has very expensive pots, too expensive. I wanted to find another garden center we could shop at for pots and other items I can't always find at the main garden center.

As we were driving back from the hardware store my husband remembered another hardware store coming up and we pulled into the parking lot. There was a big garden center with a wonderful assortment of plants and reasonably priced pots. I'm so glad we checked it out, its so good to have another place to find items. I was looking for some specific ground covers in the new garden center, no luck there but I did find a cotoneaster ground cover that grows tweleve inches high and supposedly spreads six feet. We'll see, I'd be very happy if this is the case. Apparently the cotoneaster is in the same family as roses. I planted the coteneaster under the climbing pink rose out in the front yard yesterday. There are already white blossoms on the plant with deep green tiny lobed leaves. Should be very pretty under the roses and provide some thick ground covering. There just aren't many places to go when it comes to reasonably priced garden plants and equipment in our area so I was very thankful we found another quality garden center.

I keep waiting for our main garden center to get their order of Johnson's Blue geraniums in, I'm beginning to think they aren't getting any in this year. I really wanted to try it out in a few spots in our sunny front yard. In the meantime I found another Kent Beauty ornamental oregano. I planted one last year in the raised flower bed in the backyard but it did not survive. We have to tear this flowerbed apart, nothing is surviving other than the two heathers I planted when we first moved in. The flowerbed is created with big rocks that allow the grass from the lawn to seep into it. The grass is not real lawn grass so its a real problem in both the front and back yards.

I planted the new Kent Beauty oregano in a white pot with a multi-colored orange and pink shaded agastche on our sunny deck in the back yard. The agastche is just starting to grow upward with it warming a bit in our coastal May weather. I added some darker pink alyssum to cascade over the edge of the pot and fill it out. I am hoping this will be a pretty combination in the white pot. The Kent Beauty plant, an ornamental oregano, has layers of blue, purple and pink hops blooms along the stems of the plant. I had Kent Beauty in a hanging pot in Petaluma, it was very pretty but didn't thrive well. I'm hoping this plant will do better in its new pot on the back deck.

I did manage to find a six pack of wax begonias at our grocery store this week, bright red flowers with almost an apple green leaf. Yesterday I planted two small wax begonias in each of the three terra cotta pots in the black metal half moon shaped planter. I haven't used wax begonias before, only hanging begonias. I know wax begonias are often used in formal settings due to their neat, compact rounded shape. I hope they will fill the small terra cotta pots and provide some ongoing color on the back deck.

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