Friday, May 23, 2008

Penstemon for The Porch Railing

I'm starting to look for a substitute for the Johnson's Blue Geranium that didn't show up in the gardening center this year. I'm thinking of using penstemon for the corner near the porch railing. We took out a big box with pink jasmine in it. There is already pink jasmine established on that side of the front porch. The previous homeowner loved this pink jasmine plant, it is all over the front and back yard. This planter box was so old it was falling apart and in fact when we went to try and movie it the bottom of the planter had rotted through and the plant had grown through the bottom of the planter.

I love jasmine normally but this pink jasmine vine throws out a ton of runners. I have to prune the plant back a number of times during the year because it is so fast growing. Pink jasmine doesn't seem to bloom as much as the basic jasmine plant unfortunately. Its very pretty but a lot of work to maintain.

We pulled the wooden box out of place and the little bit of plant left in the box. Kind of a mess of course but it opened up the space there, which is where I wanted to plant the Johnson's Blue Geranium. I'm thinking a purple or blue penstemon would work well there. I have to see if there is enough sun in that corner, not sure if it will be enough for the plant. I'm hoping to get to the garden center this weekend to see if they have penstemons in for summer.

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