Friday, May 16, 2008

Pink Climbing Roses

I have a number of pink climbing roses in our front yard. The previous home owner trained them up wooden trellises and they cover a good third of the fence next to the passionflower vine. The roses are small and delicate. Three of the four pink roses are a pale pink; the other is a slightly darker pink looking more like an old fashioned rose. The previous homeowner for some reason put a red rose bush in the center of these pale pink roses. The red rose bush is very short and put out one flower last year, the roses are bigger on this plant than the pink roses. I'm not sure what he was thinking in including this dark red rose between the pale pinks. I wouldn't have done it myself.

I have to admit I love roses but do not have the patience to learn how to prune them properly. We had a number of red rose bushes along with a pink and a salmon rose bush in the back yard in Petaluma. I'm guessing they were some sort of grandiflora roses. The roses had been there for years and the flowers were huge. I cut them back the best I could, rarely fertilized them and they did just fine. I am sure real rose enthusiasts would be horrified by my pruning but frankly I've got too many other things to do in the garden.

I do love the pink roses in the front, they have a sweet scent and look beautiful in full bloom in late spring into summer. I don't think they had been cut back for a few years. I pruned the roses back in January and they are blooming twice as much this year which is wonderful to see. Even the red rose has five blooms on it after its pruning. I'm not sure if the red rose is in the right location but I may just have to learn to live with the red blooms against the backdrop of the pale pink roses.

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