Friday, May 9, 2008

Rhododendron Colors and Begonias

The purple rhododendron we bought a month or so ago from the local nursery is already blooming, even at its gallon size. The color is not exactly purple, or a deeper purple as I'd hoped it would be. It is almost a burgundy color with purple tinges, more reddish purple in coloring. I have to say its pretty gorgeous and if I'd seen it in flower at the nursery I probably would have chosen it anyway.

So all in all I'm happy with the color but am certainly glad I got the lighter purple (a true purple) small rododendron from the rododendron festival a few weeks ago. It is sitting in a large pot on the deck and looks beautiful, I believe the biggest it will get is two feet wide and not much taller.

I have a half-moon shaped plant holder made of black coated metal that holds three small brown terra cotta pots. The pansies I had in them have given out and I think I'm going to go with the tidy look of wax begonias. Our local store has some small six packs of white or pink wax begonias. I actually prefer the larger hanging begonias but haven't found the budget available yet to invest in a pot full of them. Everything here in Eureka costs more, probably because we are so far away from other cities at the northern end of California. The wax begonias will take a neat rounded shape and brighten up the back deck. I think this will end up being a winning combination.

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