Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Butterfly Bushes and Roses in Spring

Our butterfly bushes are growing fast now in late spring. Not that there's a lot of heat or sunshine here at the north coast. On the contrary, last week it rained (in June) and it has been fairly cloudy most days since then. But the butterfly bushes continue to grow back and upward getting pretty tall even after the massive pruning from winter. There are flower buds at the top of the newly formed stems growing past the top of the back yard fence. I'm glad to see they are recovering and recovering so well. Now I can feel confident when pruning them when needed.

The pink rose bushes in the front yard are trained to grow up against the fence. Their pruning yielded masses of pale medium sized roses! So many roses that one part of the corner rose bush bent forward with its load of roses. I tied it up as best I could but I can see we need to secure the rose with stronger plastic ties to hold it up. Seems the recent rain made it top heavy and over it went. Luckily the stems are thick and strong so nothing broke in the process.

I'll have to consider cutting this particular rose bush back even further this coming January to keep it from bending forward from the abundant roses. Its not such a bad problem having too many roses though, I'll get used to it.

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