Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clematis Vine Near the Front Porch

I replanted my clematis vine this last weekend. It had been in a pot for years since I bought it orignally when I lived in Petaluma. I had to cut it back to the roots before we moved so I could pack it into the car, just didn't have room otherwise and I sure wasn't going to leave it behind.

The vine has always flowered for spring and it is the class of clematis that does not require pruning. It produces huge pale violet flowers in spring that are really gorgeous. The quality of the flowers have been less impressive over the last year or so. This spring the vine had grown back but there were only a few flowers produced. I felt it needed more sun than what it was receiving in the backyard since the vine was leaning towards the sunnier area. I always thought clematis vines needed shade but the nursery owner I bought the vine from said they like their roots cool and the rest of the plant in the sunshine.

I found the perfect spot for it in front of the foxgloves in the corner of the front porch. The vine was planted against the side of the house so you can still see the foxgloves. It wasn't easy planting as it was fairly root bound and we needed to cut away the old plastic pot it had been living in. The leaves on the vine are looking better already, looking much healthier overall. I took the three flat rocks that protected the roots in the pot and placed them around the roots in the ground to help keep the roots cool while the vine enjoys the sunshine. I can't wait to see how the clematis vine flowers next year!

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