Monday, June 9, 2008

Cosmos and Geraniums

This last weekend I managed to find a six pack of pink cosmos. I'd been looking for them and had not found any in the nurseries other than a 4 inch pot. I was trying to be thrifty and hoping for a six pack to appear, which finally happened.

Last year I planted a six pack of pink cosmos in my back yard flowerbed. I hadn't had much success with them in Petaluma due to the adobe dirt, just didn't do well overall even with all that sunshine in summer. When I planted them last spring here in Eureka they went nuts and became so huge I had to stake them. Whenever I've seen cosmos planted in Petaluma they were tall and spindely looking. Not so these cosmos, they were huge bush sized plants with thick stems, covered in pink flowers.

I planted two cosmos behind the Johnson's Blue Geranium in the front yard corner near the front porch. This spot does not get full sun all day so hopefully they will do well there in partial shade. They should fill in the space behind the blue geranium well as it has been bare since we took out the pink jasmine vine that was in the disintegrating planter box. I planted another cosmos below the front window between two lavenders that are just starting to bloom. Should be a pretty combination and in this position the cosmos should get full sun. I planted another cosmos near the fuchsia colored rhododendron, which is also in full sun. Lastly I planted the other two cosmos in the center of the flower bed in the back yard, which gets full sun most of the day.

We'll see if the cosmos behave the same way and grow to the three feet tall/three feet wide size from last year. I'm hoping so and looking forward to the large pink daisy shaped flowers they produce.

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