Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Rhododendron Blooming

My new rhododendron I planted in the front yard was supposed to be a purple rhodie. Nope, it turns out to be a deep burgundy/fuchsia color. I guess if I had to choose a second color it would have been that one anyway. Early in May we had a "heat wave" for three days, in Eureka that means anywhere from 75 to 80 degrees. My rhododendron was newly planted, during the heat I didn't get out there quickly enough to water and the heat wilted the flowers on the new plant. I was bummed because the rhododendron was full of flowers and they were really beautiful. I reluctantly picked off the wilted flowers and carefully watered the plant. I've been keeping a closer eye on it lately and low and behold it is blooming again! Not in full bloom yet but it is working on it with about a third of the plant in bloom again. For a gallon sized container plant that is pretty good for a new plant. The small rhododendron we bought at the rhododendron festival plant sale this year lost its purple blooms shortly after I transplanted it into its new container. It is doing well I have to say even with the short lived blooms, which were a beautiful purple. There is a good inch worth of new growth on the plant after I deadheaded the spent blooms. I'm hoping to add another rhododendron or two to our front yard in the coming year.

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