Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kiwi Vines and Butterfly Bushes Growing!

I mentioned I was a little concerned about cutting the butterfly bushes back to three feet this last spring? No need for worry, they are just as tall with more blooms and wider than before. Really providing a good show this year, cutting back hard is the way to go with butterfly bushes. Next spring we'll take them down another foot or two. Even with the current cut back they grew at least eight to ten feet tall or more. The smell of the flowers is very much like wine, who knew?

The kiwi vines are in full growth spurt. I had to cut off some of the wandering branches last Saturday. If you look at the two plant vines intertwining and sending off branches skyward its kind of like seeing an octopus, the branches are like thick arms that go everywhere and oftentimes where you don't want them to be (such as hanging over the neighbor's fence). It is hard to keep them in line even in the enormous metal sculpture created for them in the back yard. I still haven't found any good information about pruning kiwi vines online but I'll keep looking. The flowers of the kiwi vines are fading away and in their place are small buds of fruit. Like last year the harvest of kiwi fruit will probably be ready in November or December.

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