Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Learning About Passionflower Vines

The passionflower vines on the front yard trellis are really blooming well this year. Plenty of water and a bag of new dirt divided between the two planters seemed to do the trick. I finally found some real information on passionflower vines online and apparently they really like a lot of water. I’m guessing that is why the passionflower on the fence isn’t flowering much as I have never watered it much other than letting the lawn sprinkers water them. The automated watering system waters the passionflower vines on the trellis and I water them once a week as well. So I’m ready to start watering the vines on the fence and see what happens. I did find out you don’t want the vines to be too happy or there will be an abundance of fruit along with the flowers. Only have seen one fruit yet on a vine on the fence and we already have too many kiwis from the kiwi vines so hopefully water but no fertilizer will do the trick.

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