Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nasturtiums In The Yard And Barrel

Nasturtiums are one of my favorite plants, so easy to grow and they just keep blooming. They look lovely adjacent to the Victorian and seem right at home. Here on the north coast its a little cool for nasturtiums. They need plenty of sun here to get big leaves and flowers. Too much fertilizer gains you big leaves and not much flower wise. There were some nasturtiums already established in the front yard when we moved here, mostly in yellow with a few orange flowers both with a fringed style petal, very pretty. I harvested seed from the front yard to spread it in a few specific places in the front and to seed a big barrel I have sitting in the backyard. Transplanting nasturtiums doesn't work too well and its very easy to grow them from seed so this is how I always grow them.

The nasturtium flowers are doing much better in the front yard, probably due to the full sun and minimal watering the plants get. The barrel has smaller flowers and leaves. I originally planted the seeds in a bag of potting soil which may be a little too rich for nasturtiums taste. There isn't quite as much sun on the barrel area as well so they are blooming but timidly at best. Nasturtiums really prefer lousy soil and drier conditions from my experience growing them.

I'm seeing the new seedlings come up from the seed I planted only a week or two ago. I'm looking forward to the old fashioned feel, added color and ground cover they will supply in the front yard.

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