Monday, July 7, 2008

Pink Jasmine Vines and Dianthus

This last weekend was spent pruning back the vigorous pink jasmine vines that are throughout our back yard. I have to prune them back at least two or three times during spring and summer. As pretty as they are with deep green vines and pink and white flowers its really a job keeping them in line. They work well on the back deck vining up from the bottom to the top of the decking but grow a good two to three feet above the top of the deck railing, so much so that you have to trim off the top growth to keep it under control. Since they are well established in so many places I appreciate them but they keep me a little too busy in the growing months.

I have a good number of pink and fuchsia colored dianthus throughout the back yard flower border that sits against the frame of the wooden greenhouse. The dianthus were first planted when we moved in over a year and a half ago. This time they are flowering beautifully and have grown to a good size, filling much of the raised flower bed. The previous owner planted two of the same color fuchsias at one end of the border but did not balance it out on the other end. There are odd little things like this throughout the front and back yards. I took some cuttings of the fuchsia last summer and have grown a few new ones to add to the other end of the border. I like having some symetrical look to the yard. Frankly I would not have chosen to plant fuchsias in the border but the original plants are so well established there is no way to dig them up and replant them. So, more fuchsias for now and if I get the urge I may even add one or two in the center of the border.

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