Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fuchsia with Two Shades of Pink

When we moved into our new home in Eureka there was one fuchsia in the back yard planted by the previous homeowner. I brought two of my own, a white one in a hanging basket and the other a two toned red fuchsia in a pot.

The original fuchsia plant from the Eureka garden is a gorgeous flower in two shades: a deep rose color with lighter rose colored petals at the top that curl upward. It is pretty spectacular as it grows up and out with large flowers hanging like long jewels from the arching branches.

I have spent time rooting new cuttings of the rose colored fuchsia in water and have successfully planted three more plants in the back yard. I have a number of new cuttings in water to root. I am hoping to plant this particular fuchsia in the back yard, primarily surrounding the flowerbeds below the holly trees. The area under the holly trees is usually taken up by the calla lilies on both sides. Once the calla lilies die down in summer there are a few ferns but not much else growing in the deep shade under the trees. I planted another fern on one side of the trees (there were ferns on one side but not the other) as well as a thymifolia fuchsia with its tiny deep pink flowers and a variety of pink foxgloves. My plan is to plant the rose colored fuchsias in the front of the border along the lines of the flowerbed. I already have a few in place on either side of the flowerbeds that are in bloom now and am hoping the rest of the cuttings root soon so I can get them in place before summer ends.

I have already planted one of the rose colored fuchsias in the front yard and it is blooming well this summer. I can't wait until it grows large sized like the original plant in the back yard which is about two feet wide and three feet tall, it will be a stunning display. I plan to add more of the rose colored fuchsia plants to the front yard as well. I'll know I'll be spending a lot of time pinching back fuchsia tips in the coming years.

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