Monday, August 11, 2008

Penstemon for The Sunny Front Yard

This past weekend I went to the local nursery and found some penstemon plants. I had been wanting to add one or two plants to the front yard since it was so sunny out there. I had a lovely purple penstemon growing in the back yard in Petaluma, it was huge and produced a lot of tubular flowers.

I found the native variety of penstemon in a gallon container. It flowers a bright sky blue, turning into purple as it fades. The flower size for this native plant are medium sized tubular flowers. Really beautiful muli-colored blooms ranging from blue to mauve to purple. I planted it behind the drooping cherry tree in full sun, in front of the foxgloves sheltered in the left corner of the front yard. I also have a Johnson's blue geranium and two kinds of fuchsias on either side of the geranium, they are planted in front of the new penstemon plant. The blue penstemon grows two feet wide and three or more feet tall. It should be striking along with the blue geranium and pink and red fuchsia flowers. I can't wait until all these newer plants grow to their actual size.

The other penstemon I found was a four inch pot with garnet red tubular flowers. I placed this plant across from the rhododendron on the right side of the front yard in full sun. This penstemon grows up to two feet tall and a foot wide so it is smaller than the native variety. Should look great against the fence with the deep pink colored rhodie flowers.

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