Monday, September 15, 2008

Moveable Garden Ferns

I love ferns of every kind, the more the better. This past weekend I spent some time moving a fern from a flower bed to the the base of one of the holly trees. I had two ferns I brought with us when we moved from Petaluma over a year and a half ago. The bigger of the two plants were planted under one of the holly trees early on and it is getting good sized now, about three feet tall and two feet wide. The second fern plant was smaller. I had the fern in a pot for a number of months when we first moved here, then added it to the flower bed we created behind the deck. Once the calla lilies died back this year I saw a spot to include the other fern under the base of the other holly tree. I'd like there to be some cohesiveness with planting there and will be adding plants so the same are on each side for each holly tree. Now I need to propagate another thymifolia fuchsia (if I can do it) from the original plant for the other holly tree area. The thymifolia fuchsia took forever to root and start growing, it is finally getting big and looks great.

Originally when we moved in there was nothing but calla lilies and a few tall ferns on one side of the holly trees. I'm working on propagating two more of those type of ferns (the ferns original to our Eureka garden) to even out the planting under the other holly tree.

My original fern in my Petaluma garden was grown from a half dead fern I got on sale in a 4 inch pot. The fern was at least four feet tall and four feet wide when we moved. I hated to leave it behind but brought two smaller pieces I managed to grab from the plant. I found looking underneath the fern there were fern offshoots here and there. Pulling on them carefully brought up roots and if I was really lucky some sort of rhiazome attached. I was able to pot these up and grow new plants. I had no idea how to propagate a fern but it certainly worked in this situation.

The newly planted fern looks great in its new home. Its still small so I hope it adapts into its new space and grows large to help fill in the spots where the calla lilies die off in the summer.

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