Friday, September 26, 2008

Planting Spring Bulbs

Last weekend I spent some time planting spring bulbs. We visited the other nursery in town so I could see what kind of bulbs they had in for fall for spring bloom. I found the tulip "Apricot Beauty" which is a tulip I have always wanted to try and also some Ipheion starflower bulbs. I had starflower bulbs in a container in Petaluma and they multiplied quite a bit, really lovely little star shaped pale blue flowers for spring. I had a pack of dark purple Dutch Iris to plant that I bought from our local grocery store, they have a small area of plants available there. I've grown both Dutch Iris and Bearded Iris. Dutch Iris are smaller and easy to manage, no digging up and dividing like Bearded Iris. I have to say Iris are one of my favorite bulbs and I plan to have many of them throughout the front and back yard.

I planted the Apricot Beauty tulips in the front yard on either side of the walkway leading up to the front porch. The starflower bulbs were planted in the barrel in the backyard. I am hoping they multiply in the barrel so I can then transplant them throughout the front and back yards. I planted some of the purple Iris near the rhododendron on the right side of the gate and a few more under the window near the porch. I planted some of the same Iris a few weeks before on the other side of the window in front of the Foxglove, should be a pretty combination in spring with the tall spires of pink Foxglove and stately looking purple Iris.

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