Friday, November 7, 2008

The Garden and the Rainy Season in Eureka

Its that time of year on the Eureka coast, its rainy season. Its not easy waiting for a clear day to garden when the rainy season starts. This is the time of year to look over bulb catalogs (I love bulbs!) and to work in my makeshift greenhouse. I have a passionflower vine rooted and ready to plant in the spring. Too bad I didn't get another one ready, I'd like to add a new plant to each of the trellis boxes that currently have the purple passionflower vines winding over the trellis in the front yard. Its really something to see the vines in full flower as you walk up to the house. The kiwi vine is absolutely full of kiwi fruit. I think we decided last year that December was the time closest to harvest the fruit. The fruit is still too hard to use but we plan on taking advantage of it during the holiday season. The heaths and heathers are looking good, a number of them are winter blooming or have beautiful winter colored foliage. Even when it rains it helps to look out the window and see my garden at rest.

If I can sneak out to the greenhouse to garden and venture out on clear weekend days during fall and winter I should be able to survive the rainy season. Good thing I love fall and winter and have the holiday festivities to keep me busy.

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