Monday, January 12, 2009

Pruning On A Rainless Saturday

Its been raining for many weeks here in Eureka with a day or two of showers and few days of no rain. Its been too wet to mow the lawn and it really needed it. This last weekend were the first few days without rain giving the ground a chance to dry out a bit.

We dived into mowing the front yard and pruning. My husband mowed the front while I started pruning back the four pink climbing roses against the front yard fence. I tried pruning them back even further this year to see if this will help the growth and flowering of the plants. I worked at opening up some of the crossed branches, there had to be years in the past when they were not pruned in order to be shaped this way. While I was pruning the roses my husband started pruning the curly willow tree anchoring the front yard. I pruned the curly willow last year and it grew quite a bit from that pruning, shading a good portion of the front lawn. My husband gave the curly willow a good sizing down using last year's cuts I made as a guideline. No doubt the curly willow will grow big again this this from the pruning. The roses took quite a bit of time but the end product looked good. I'm hoping this helps produce more flowers this year.

I took down the Christmas decorations from our potted Christmas tree on Sunday. We kept the tree up and decorated so our daughter could enjoy it early in January when she was visiting from college. We've used a potted Christmas tree for a number of years now, it saves killing a tree and makes a nice potted plant on the backyard deck area during the rest of the year. We left our original potted Christmas pine tree behind in Petaluma, it was too big to transport easily for our move to Eureka. We purchased a very small redwood and potted it in a good sized container that we could carry indoors for Christmas. The redwood started off about a foot or more size wise and in its second year its a good three feet tall. Once we hit five or six feet we'll let it grow in the pot and pot up another smaller tree if needed. This redwood is very pretty with etched leaves and a nicely shaped form.

Its looking like next weekend may be dry here in Eureka as well, if it remains dry through this week we may have a chance to do some much needed weeding in the front yard.

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