Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holly Trees and Amaryllis Bulb in Winter

The rain has finally started up again after a few weeks of pristine warmer weather here in Eureka. Very surprising since we are far below our typical rainfall for the season. We did manage to get out in the front yard for some trimming but are now relegated to watching the robins feed from our holly tree. The holly trees are pretty huge and one of them is always full of berries during the winter. Last winter the robins took some of the berries off, this year there are none left. Its always fun to see them with their red bellies matching the berries up in the trees against the dark green holly leaves scarfing down berries as quickly as they can. Their robin chirps are always a perk me up during these darker winter months.

The amaryllis bulb my mother-in-law gave me is starting to bloom. The office it is in at home has low light which might be the reason it is twice as tall as the last amaryllis bulb I had in Petaluma. It is a good two and a half to three feet tall now and showing three flowers ready to bloom. Its really big, surprisingly so. Either this is a healthier bulb than the previous amaryllis bulb I had or it really likes where its sitting in our office. The red amaryllis bulb is a bright spot during the day and fun to watch grow and bloom while I work away at my desk.

Time to look through the seed and bulb catalogs and dream of new flowers and plants in the garden.

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