Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blue Clematis, Lavender and Pink Foxglove Combination

My clematis was originally in a pot in our front yard in Petaluma. This is the first spring here that the clematis is in the ground and the leaves are growing out quickly already. The clematis is a medium blue color with three to four inch wide flowers when it blooms. It is planted in the front yard on one side of the porch near the stairs against the house winding up a five foot scrolled metal trellis. Nearby are two lavenders right below the front window. Last year the lavenders produced a huge amount of flowers which I collected to dry. Its an impressive sight to see the grey green foliage against the grey house with burgundy trim. Since the lavender and clematis are so close by it should be a very pretty combination. The clematis should be blooming first in spring but I already see arms of lavender growing out of the main bushes in a steady growth spurt. Behind the clematis tucked away in the corner next to the porch are my foxgloves that are slowly growing in. I'm hoping they seeded well there and that eventually we will have the tall pink spires crowding out the corner of the house and producing bundles of tubular bell flowers. The foxgloves in the back flower bed managed to seed a new plant along with the existing plants. I use blue, purple and pink flowers in combination whenever possible in my garden. I'm more for the cooler colors for my favorite flowers but I do have some warmer colors here and there towards the summer months.

So far all the foxgloves are showing growth in the front and back yards; I have a number of lavenders throughout the front and back yards although the lavenders underneath my pink climbing roses are still small and growing slowly while the others are thriving, they came in small pots originally. I only have the one clematis vine, sigh, I want more, many more clematis in my garden. If the passionflower vines ever give out on my front yard trellis I'd love to grow clematis there. The only problem will be choosing one variety from so many beautiful clematis plants.

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