Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daylily, Calla Lilies and a Barrel of Spring Bulbs

My large wine barrel in the back yard is starting to show signs of life as we get closer to spring. I planted purple windflowers, yellow daffodils and wisley blue in the barrel and the bulbs are starting to come up and bloom. So far a lot of the daffodils are close to blooming with only one in full bloom fighting to stand tall against the rainfall that is happening on and off in the last few weeks. One wisley blue flower so far but more to come. The windflowers are all blooming or close to blooming and close up when its dark and overcast. I'm really liking the windflowers and want to get more of these bulbs for another container I have on the deck near the hot tub.

I planted a purple daylily in the front yard a few weeks ago and am excited to see how it does once it hits summer. I tried planting a yellow daylily in our Petaluma garden and it didn't make it. I'm not sure how well a daylily will do here in Eureka since the other daylily I planted was in prime warm weather country, but I'm hoping it does well in the sunny front yard. This particular lily is such a deep pretty purple color it should work well with the dark fuschia flowers of the rhododendron planted nearby.

The calla lilies are stretching up and unfolding their pristine white blooms under the holly trees. The callas are usually blooming in full by Easter, by then I will have cut some of the blooms for the tall vase in our house. You can always rely on calla lilies to grow and bloom well. I've seen them grow great in shade and grow fairly well in a sunny setting. Calla lilies to me are always a reminder of the Easter season upcoming.

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