Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Bulbs Potted Up

I got a few new smaller pots at a dirt cheap sale at our local store and decided that was all the excuse I needed to pot up the rest of my summer bulbs. I have had two metal containers sitting around for months ready to plant them up. My husband drilled the holes in the bottom of the planters for me last weekend and I planted them up with my remaining summer bulbs.

The off white pots are decorated with flower motifs and should look great once the bulbs flower. The pink gloxina bulbs are planted in the flower pot with a pink tulip motif and the blue salvia bulb is planted in the flower pot with blue flower motif. The gloxina are already peeking out of the top of the soil in the white pot.

The metal pots are planted up and set out in the back yard. The small metal pot is one that originally held our small live Christmas tree. My dad had the idea of potting up a small Christmas in a pot to move it from garden to the house during the holidays then planting the tree out in our backyard once it got bigger. I've carried on with that tradition and have our Christmas tree sitting in partial shade on our deck. Once our Christmas tree was planted in a large planter I knew I'd find a use for the silver metal pot it came in. I've added the pink rain lilies and another set of pink gloxina bulbs so one blooms in spring and the other in summer.

The silver metal pot I bought at IKEA is tall and the perfect fit sitting between my two "Goodwin Creek Grey" lavender plants below the dining room window. I decided to plant another set of the tall red lilies in this pot. I hope I have luck with these summer blooming lilies since I've never grown standard lilies before. The red lilies combined with the tall branches of the purple flowered lavender should be a great pairing against the grey color of the house.

I'm thinking of buying some lobelia or alysum seed for the tops of these pots to give a little more shape to the edge of the pots as the bulbs grow tall above the shorter flowers. I'm eager to see the results of the planting up of the four pots of bulbs this spring and summer.

The final planting of the day was the planting of the red canna bulb in the ground back near the kiwi vines. I've always wanted to grow a canna and this one should be positioned perfectly for sun exposure. This particular red canna is not the huge variety I've seen before but I believe it grows up to three feet in height. If there are any of the canna bulbs left when we next visit the store I may grab up two more to make it a trio of cannas for the backyard.

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