Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weeding, Propagating and Planting in Spring

On Saturday I spent time digging up blackberries. They grow like crazy here on the north coast and can be a real problem in the garden. We have some regular spots in the garden we have to attack yearly to get rid of the blackberries, one spot is behind the shed and the other is behind our metal arbor both of which back up against the back yard fence. If you are lucky some of the plants roots aren't too established and they come up easy with a shovel. Most of them I encountered had longer roots and needed some serious digging and tugging to get them dispatched. I have a small shovel my husband bought especially for me with a short handle and smaller shovel, being shorter myself it works perfectly for my digging needs. Digging up blackberries is the best way to get rid of them, dig far enough to get all or as much of the root out as possible.

I bought two more of the small cannas on sale at our local store. I dug spots on either side of the first canna I planted near the kiwi structure. I'm hoping the three red cannas grow well there in the sun spot the kiwi vines love. The baskets hanging from the kiwi structure with tomato and pepper seeds failed, my fault with it just starting to warm up here I should have kept the baskets in the greenhouse for a few weeks until the seeds got a good start. I planted some yellow and orange nasturtiums in each basket and hope they will flower well in the sunny spot they are hanging.

Two years ago I planted out some small rosemary plants I propagated by cuttings, rooting the cuttings in water then planting them in small containers until they got big enough to plant in the garden. As I've mentioned before some heat loving plants don't do well here on the coast and the rosemary is a prime example. The three plants I planted have stayed very small during the past years. I noticed when planting the cannas that one of the rosemarys was finally getting bigger. Kind of a shock as I'd thought they'd never do well. I was glad to see one of the rosemary plants taking hold and growing, and hope it gets growing bigger during the growing months ahead.

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