Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pink Climbing Roses and Bluebells: The Start of Spring Blooms

Spring season in my yard starts with the bluebell bulbs blooming. The bluebells start flowering early the same time as my container of crocus bulbs. There are a few drifts of bluebell bulbs the previous home owner planted in our backyard near the gate. The bulbs are about 8 to 10 inches tall with a vibrant blue color to the flowers. They come up reliably every year and bloom for a few weeks, then the blooms start to fade as they are right now in my garden. Their bright blue flowers are a cheery reminder that spring has begun. This year I noticed there was a bluebell bulb that had seeded in one of my containers of carnations sitting next to the back yard steps off the deck. I'll leave it there and hope more bulbs form in the container. Its probably time to dig up a few extra bluebell bulbs to add to the other container so they both host bluebell flowers next year.

The climbing pink roses are starting to bud with a few blooms showing already. This variety of pink climbing rose blooms early on in the year. There are three main bushes of the climbing pink roses. There are two of the same variety and one of another variety with slightly darker rose colored flowers covering the corner of the front yard. Here are photos of the two varieties in full bloom from last year's garden. The rose blooms are small, beautifully sculptured and fragrant. I cut the roses back more this past winter than last to see if the number of blooms improved and to keep the roses in a prettier shape for the season.

The previous homeowner planted the roses and they have been established for quite a while. Unfortunately these roses only bloom for a month or so then they are done for the season. Now I'm not sure this is because of the variety of rose they are or if the weather is just not warm enough to sustain summer blooms on roses here on the north coast, it is something I will need to research more. I think it is the variety of rose that is the reason behind the short bloom season. After having grandiflora roses in my back yard in Petaluma that bloomed for months on end its sad to see these roses stay for such a short time. As it is I will have to enjoy them while they bloom. Perhaps adding some large flowering clematis to climb up the rose bushes and bloom in summer might dress up the greenery of the roses once they stop blooming.

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