Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Full of Pink Jasmine Vines

I spent some time this weekend trimming back the runners from the pink jasmine vines on the back deck. Its a beautiful vine but takes quite a bit of maintenance to keep it from going rampant. The front yard pink jasmine is fairly easy to control but still sends out runners galore at the base and grows out into the porch walkway. I have to trim this plant back every few weeks in the summer. Pink jasmine really needs a tall area to climb up. We have some vines crawling up the wall outside the deck and this is where they really work best, just minimal trims on the runners at the base and the plants grow up a good six to eight feet tall billowing out at the top of the laced trellis.

The back yard deck presents a different problem with the pink jasmine. At least with the front porch there is a pole as part of the front porch the jasmine can climb up a bit and there is only one plant there. The deck must have five or six plants and the deck is not very tall so you end up with billowing tops over the railing and runners going everywhere at the base of the deck. Its very pretty but quite a handful. I wish it bloomed as much as night blooming jasmine but I assume that is due to the cool coastal weather. I've decided to trim the tops as needed and keep the runners trimmed up well during the summer during their rapid growth period instead of trying to trim back the plants multiple times during the summer. I have to say if you decide to use pink jasmine in your yard be prepared for quite a bit of trimming to keep the plant in line and give it plenty of room to grow upwards. Our deck railing at five feet tall is not tall enough for this vigorous plant, at least here on the north coast.

Any jasmine is good as far as I'm concerned and I love the smell of night blooming jasmine. The pink jasmine vine has small delicate white flowers with a pink tinge, a sweet smell (not as strong as night blooming jasmine) and the arching branches are really lovely. If you've got the space for pink jasmine and can give it plenty of room to climb its a great plant to have in your garden.

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