Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ferns in the Eureka Garden

I love ferns and can think of nothing better than adding more ferns to our Eureka garden. I brought what I believe to be two sword ferns I propagated from the huge sword fern in our Petaluma yard. The original sword fern started as a half dead four inch pot on sale for $2.50 at a local store. From there over twelve years the fern grew to be at least four feet wide by four or five feet tall, sitting happily in a twelve inch high brick border under the filtered shade of our wooden arbor. I found that if I looked carefully under the plant new bulblets of the fern sprouted out here and there under the plant, making it easy for me to take a few pieces with bulb and root and start up a new plant. I brought two sword ferns from my Petaluma yard and planted them in my Eureka garden. So far so good, they are both living happily under the holly trees mixed in with the ferns and calla lillies.

The ferns that are growing in the back yard of my Eureka home are really gorgeous and grows to be four or five feet tall and just as wide if not wider. The fern in the corner near the back yard gate is the biggest fern in the yard, it is quite a sight when it hits summer and fills out the area surrounding the white camellia plant. As I mentioned before plants grow bigger here from what everyone has said and from what I've seen over the past two years this seems to be the case. The picture above shows a smaller sized version of the fern. The picture to the left shows the beginnings of the largest fern growing up around the camellia, by the summer it has grown up and through and around the camellia and reaches over to touch the gate and hangs over the azaleas planted in the corner near the dining room window. I wish I knew what the name of this fern is, I will have to investigate since they were planted by the previous home owner. This variety of fern is really beautiful in every way. As much as I love my sword ferns this fern is the prettiest fern I think I've ever seen. The fern has small seedlings throughout the yard that I have successfully dug up and replanted to increase the amount of ferns in the yard. My next job is digging up one of the larger fern seedlings and planting it out in the front yard in the corner near the porch. I'm hoping this area in which very little grows will be the perfect shady spot for this striking fern.

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