Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Foxgloves in the Coastal Garden

One of my favorite plants is the foxglove. I guess you would say my style is cottage garden more than anything else and the foxglove certainly fits into this scheme. I started off planting foxgloves out in the front yard in the corners surrounding the window that juts out in a square shape near the porch. The first year I had them established in the corner near the porch. Last year I planted foxglove on the other side of the window in a sunny location. Both areas are doing well as I try to establish the foxglove there to reseed and grow back every year. The original plants have grown back smaller with more stems to the plants. Foxgloves are biennials so I've planted a number of them to keep the plants growing in those selected areas.

The first year I planted a few foxglove under the holly trees but they did not reseed. It was more difficult to get the foxglove established there, I imagine mostly because they are competing with drier conditions as well as with calla lillies and ferns for room to grow. Last year I also planted some foxglove in the shade behind the hot tub deck. I started with three plants and two more have seeded. The foxgloves have gotten quite tall there, its seems ideal as its generally cooler, moist soil. I'm hoping to grow as many foxgloves as will seed themselves in this area, they are tall and full of blooms and a wonderful sight to see when driving into the parking pad in our back yard. I plan on adding ferns to fill out the foxglove flower border. Luckily there are a number of ferns that self seed I can plant up in the foxglove border. It should be quite a show once the foxgloves are blooming in the spring and all the plants are well established in my shade border.

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