Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Passionflower Vines

The purple flowering passionflower vines on the trellis in the front yard are growing slowly this year. It could be because of the lower rain levels for the year or because of the cooler weather that has been happening in June, cooler even for the coast at this time of year. It is finally started warming up to the 60's in the past few days with some bright sunshine. I'm starting to see some minimal growth on the trellis passionflower vines this past weekend. Usually by now there is a good amount of growth on the trellis vines. I'm concerned that the vines may be dying off. I took some pieces of the vine that are still growing and potted them up to see if I can create some new vines in case the purple passionflower vines are giving out. Last year I succeeded in potting up a vine but didn't plant it soon enough and lost the plant. This year I have four pieces potted up and hope for good results. I will need to replant them once they root into gallon size pots I have so I can make sure they are a good size with plenty of roots before planting them out in the two trellis boxes. The purple passionflower vines on the trellis flower profusely while the passionflower vines on the front yard fence do little but grow leaves although they are very healthy looking. I have learned that passionflower vines require a good amount of water to flower well. I'm concentrating on watering a little longer for the trellis vines to see if that helps them start growing. The purple passionflower vines in the past have really put on a show with many flowers, the vines are really beautiful.

The passionflower vines on the fence on the other hand continue their lack of flowering this season. The vines on the fence are growing like crazy but as usual have produced green leaves the same as the past two springs and summers with a huge amount of greenery but only a few lime colored flowers during the season. I've begun to water with a soaker hose weekly at the base of the vines and plan on cutting the vine back to trim it and to encourage blooms. If nothing else the vines look lush and covers the fence with green all year long. The only time the vine suffers is when the winter season is especially cold with frosts then it dies back a bit but comes back just fine in spring. This variety seeds like crazy with unwanted passionflower seedlings covering the lawn. I'm hoping there are more blooms this year, I've given the vines two summers to bloom and do better after increasing watering and trimming the vines back more often. After this summer I'll need to decide if greenery is good enough for these vines. If I were to replace the vines with other plants I think it would be difficult to dig up one of the two vines against the fence as the base of the vine is a good three to four inches thick. I may have to settle for greenery in this case. Lush greenery looks great for the garden but I do wish the vines would produce more flowers. With an established garden like this one sometimes it is difficult to make changes and I hesitate to dig up plants that are healthy and thriving.

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