Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Agastache Hummingbird Mint and Brodiaea Bulbs

This past weekend we spent most of our gardening time weeding under the butterfly bushes in the back yard and weeding under the roses in the front yard. My husband dug up some blackberry bushes that were trying to take hold again after the first disposal of blackberries. They are very persistent here on the north coast and keep you busy throughout the summer digging them up. I also spent time cutting back the roses, every few weeks during summer I go out and trim back the rampant growth at the tops of the plants. I am pleased to see a few blooms on one of the climbing rose bushes since by now these climbing roses are finished blooming for the summer.

I have a hummingbird mint, an agastache, planted in the round white planter on our back porch. The plant hasn't gotten very big, possibly because it is in a planter and not in the ground; it is in its second season of growth in the planter. The hummingbird mint is just starting to develop its new orange blooms at the tip of the plant. I haven't seen a hummingbird at the plant as of yet but one of the cats in our neighborhood loves to shove their face into the plant because of the mint scent. I've even seen the tiger striped cat climb in part way to roll around in the planter. Not an ideal situation for the plant but its pretty fun seeing the cat so happy. Guess its time to plant some catmint (nepeta) in the garden next season for the kitties to roll around in instead.

The purple brodiaea bulbs I planted in the barrel in the back yard have been blooming all month and look beautiful. The colors are brilliant and the flower is long lasting, a good three to four weeks of constant blooms. The flower stems are tall and thin with multiple star shaped flowers at the end of each stem. I've decided to add some of these brodiaea to the large flower border in the back yard next year. I'll be interested in knowing if these brodiaea bulbs multiply easily, I hope so since the brilliant purple flowers would be a great addition to the long garden border.

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