Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Flowering On the North Coast

In our garden the summer heaths and heathers are starting to bloom. The heaths are new in the garden this year and are producing quite a few large bell shaped flowers for being such new plants in the garden. This past October the heather farm was selling larger sized plants at a low cost, the heaths and heathers were $3.50 for a gallon size plant which is a great price for heaths and heathers. Normally a four inch pot costs more than this, I've paid anywhere from $4.50 to $7.00 for a four inch pot. I'm really happy with the flowering of the gallon sized plants from last October's purchase. This October I plan on buying more heaths for their large bell shaped blooms at the annual heath and heather sale.

I've finally found the trick to producing more flowers on my passionflower vines on the fence. I'd mentioned previously the vines bloomed very little but produce a huge amount of foliage. I hedge trimmed the vines back in spring severely. Between weekly watering in summer and the severe vine trim the passionflower vines have been producing eight to ten flowers, which is much better than three or four. I'm hoping as the summer goes on and the watering is consistent week to week there will be more blooms.

One of our neighbors gave me cuttings of her fuchsia plant. Her plant is really tall and gorgeous producing huge fuchsia flowers. The cuttings are fairly woody at this point but I will see if its possible to root them and see what happens from there. This particular fuchsia plant has huge two toned red flowers and creates a tall upright fuchsia plant so I'm looking forward to getting this plant thriving in our yard if I can get it rooted.

The butterfly bushes are in full bloom and growing a good ten to twelve feet tall. We have two dark purple blooming plants, a lighter lavender colored blooming plant and a deep magenta blooming plant. The smell of the conical shaped blooms reminds me of wine, there is a fermented grape like scent to the blooms that is really lovely. The kiwi vine structure is right next to the butterfly bushes which line the back fence. The kiwi vines are very vigorous producing long vine arms that reach up to four or five feet above the kiwi structure, we had to cut back a number of vines to shape the plant this past weekend. Kiwi vines can grow to thirty feet in length and it is a challenge to keep them in line. If the kiwi vines give out someday we'll look at adding grapevines on the metal structure since the smell of the butterfly bushes will match well with the smell of grapes. My husband and I both love the shape of grapevines and the changing colors of the leaves they produce. I'm not sure how long kiwi vines live, guess its time to pull out my gardening books and do a little investigating on the lifespan of kiwi vines. Let's hope the kiwi fruit ripen correctly this season, they were a bust last season.

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