Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creeping Raspberry Cuttings and Passionflowers Blooming

After a failed attempt at rooting creeping raspberry cuttings in my greenhouse I am trying again to root another six pieces of the plant. My greenhouse as I mentioned before is not really a greenhouse simply a building without screened windows. Cuttings do not do well in the greenhouse I'm finding, it is too hot during the summer so the plants do not thrive and root. Cuttings will be rooted outside on my table on the patio for the time being. So far cuttings are doing reasonably well there and better than in the greenhouse. I plan to leave my cuttings of lavender and creeping raspberry on the deck throughout the fall and winter months and hope for the best. Both plants are hardy, it is just a matter of good roots developing without frost killing off the cuttings. We'll see how it goes during the winter months ahead for my new cuttings. Creeping raspberry is an evergreen ground cover I'd love to have established in my yard.

This past weekend I did some trimming of the climbing roses and trimmed parts of the hedges, little spurts of growth on both that I was able to cut off to keep things trimmed up before fall arrives. I plan on cutting back the hedge one more time before it gets cold so it looks good through the fall and winter months when hedge growth is dormant. The passionflower vines on the front yard fence are producing more flowers this season, I counted fourteen flowers on Saturday. I plan on not trimming back the passionflower vines on the fence until spring, this way the growth will provide good coverage of the vines during winter. The first year we were here the passionflower vines were hit with a hard frost that killed the vines back to the stems. The vines came back fine by spring and other than a short delay in green leaves performed as usual for spring and summer months. Now that I know a hard trim in spring and a good amount of weekly soaking hose works best for these vines on the coast I have the formula to keep them flowering a bit. I would add fertilizer to the base of the vines but I'm afraid we'd get even more rampant growth of green leaves instead of flowers. I may try adding fertilizer this come spring and see if it helps the growth of flowers. I find Passionflower vines, at least here on the north coast, take trial and error to get good results.

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