Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Digging Up Crocosmia Bulbs, Ferns and Calla Lilies

My husband dug up the widespread amount of orange crocosmia bulbs along the side of our back yard this past weekend. The previous owner planted the Montbretia bulbs in the front yard and the result has been hundreds of bulbs along the side of the house moving towards the back yard area. I planted crocosmia bulbs in a flower bed in Petaluma and they started to take over the flower bed very quickly, much the same as the allium in the Petaluma yard. I decided it was safer to dig up the bulbs and keep an amount to plant in a big container where they would be contained better. We still have some crocosmia bulbs in the front yard, these small amount of crocosmia bulbs will be dug up in the coming weeks. As pretty as the orange flowers are they do not compare to the overtaking of the side of the house and spread into the back yard. I find they are easy to dig up but very hard to contain once they start spreading. The crocosmia bulbs would work fine for a large flower bed but for our yard they spread too quickly overtaking other plants as they go, so digging them up seemed to be the best solution. I will plant up a container full of the bulbs so I can still enjoy their blooms in their contained environment.

My husband also dug up a few calla lily bulbs and a fern from the side of the house. I will plant up the calla lilies in a shady area in the back yard, possibly under the holly trees with the other calla lilies there. The fern I planted in with the foxgloves in the shade border behind the deck in the back yard. We have some other ferns of the same variety that will be relocated to this area so it will be comprised mostly of foxgloves and ferns. It is a perfect place for both plants since the foxgloves grew a good eight feet or more, two feet higher than the foxgloves in the sunny front yard. This particular fern grows very large when it likes where it is planted. It will take a few years for the fern to get established but it is a beautiful fern that will accent the foxgloves perfectly in the shade border.

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