Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hydrangea and Heaths in the Late Summer

As summer starts to wane I enjoy watching the small hydrangea flowers turn from brilliant blue to blue and purple mix. I have two blue hydrangeas one of which is positioned near the back gate of the back yard. This hydrangea is a good two feet tall this year having grown in the past two summer seasons from a small cutting purchased at the local nursery. The hydrangea is doing very well this year and seems to like its partial shade location. The soil in Eureka tends to be acid so hydrangeas, fuchsias, rhododendrons and other acid lovers do well here. I have another small hydrangea planted in the shade border in the back yard. This hydrangea is not growing much, I think there is too much shade for it in the border. I will be moving this plant in the fall to the front yard. There is a side area that is fairly shaded. I will be digging up crocosmia bulbs from that location since they are established in the front yard and taking over just like they did in the back yard. I'm hoping this spot will not be too sunny for the hydrangea. I'm happy with the amount of growth of the blue hydrangea behind the gate this season and hoping it gets much bigger next season.

The heaths I planted last October are doing very well in the late summer season and blooming with large bell flowers. I definitely want more ericas blooming in my garden, they are lovely to look at and provide some flowers and color interest in fall and winter when not much else is blooming in the garden. The heaths I have now are flowering in summer, I will look for some winter heaths at the Heather farm sale in October this year. My plan is to plant up my barrel in the back yard with heaths and heathers to create a year long interest in the barrel. Plants and bulbs haven't done very well in the barrel so far. I will be digging up the bulbs from the barrel and transplanting them into the long border against the greenhouse this fall. I will need to find a good variety of colors in the flowers and leaves to create a striking display in the barrel. I can't wait for the October sale to buy more heaths and heathers for the barrel and am hoping the gallon pots of plants are available for a low price again this year.

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