Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Orchids, Lavenders, Foxgloves and the Summer Garden

Saturday was spent potting up cuttings of lavenders into bigger pots and re-potting my orchid plant. The usual fog was missing today and the sun was out this weekend with windy gusts blowing through the length of the back yard. The eight foot plus tall foxgloves in the shady back yard border were spent and needed to be removed. I cut down the stems and divided the dried seed pods on the stems into smaller sections to throw on the ground in the flower bed. Having done this in the past I sometimes gain a new plant along with the natural seed pod drop of the foxgloves when they finish flowering.

I have four remaining rooted cuttings of the six Goodwin Creek Grey lavender I potted up in a six pack. Two of the four cuttings have a good root system established while the other two lavender cuttings have a small root started. I decided to re-pot the lavender cuttings into four inch pots to give the plants more room to grow during the rest of the summer season. If all goes well they will be ready to plant out next spring. The photo to the left shows a full sized Goodwin Creek Grey lavender planted in our back yard.

The three small Munstead lavenders are growing slowly under the climbing roses. One of the Munstead lavenders even flowered this year. The area could use a few more lavenders added to fill in the space under the roses in the front yard fence. The Munstead lavenders when fully grown are good sized plants. If the new Goodwin Creek Grey lavender grow in the front yard as well as they grow in the back yard in time the lavenders under the pink roses will be quite a display.

I re-potted my orchid plant into a larger plastic pot to put into a ceramic pot left by the previous homeowner. The ceramic pot is broken in places but it is such a pretty container I decided to add something to it. I placed a plastic pot with the orchid inside the large ceramic pot, it seemed like a perfect choice for the orchid's new home. The orchid produces small dark pink two to three inch flowers every summer. The orchid has grown from the original 4 inch plant to a good sized specimen. The root ball was very tight in the original ceramic pot it was planted in years ago. It has needed to be re-potted for some time now with the root ball growing above the pot rim. The new pot is probably a good twelve inches and will provide the orchid with some much needed space to grow into. This summer was the first time the orchid did not bloom so re-potting was an absolute neccessity. The orchid has new dirt to grow in and some time released fertilizer in the mix for feed. I really don't know much about orchids but this one has grown just fine without liquid feeds weekly so I'm hoping the time released food will work well for it in the new container. The long blades of the orchid looks great in its new home and the plant will continue to live on the deck near the hot tub.

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