Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Annual Heath and Heather Farm Sale

October 4th was the annual heath and heather farm sale in a nearby town outside of where we live. I always look forward to the sale, anticipating the variety of heaths and heathers they have available. Last year I was able to purchase a number of heaths (erica) plants with large bells and I've been very pleased with the growth and flowering results of these new heaths over the last year. This year there were almost no heath plants available, unfortunate but I did manage to get two this year. The rest of the plants were heathers with their delicate leaves and flowers. Any heath and heather is wonderful as far as I'm concerned so I was happy to buy as many as possible. This year my husband and I decided we'd get more plants than usual, our purchase added up to twelve plants in all!

As in the past the farm owner is available to answer questions about the plants from buyers and holds short seminars while you visit. They always have treats of sweets, appetizers, coffee and tea spread out on a table in the backyard valley setting so you can munch and shop at your leisure. The old apple tree has a bench built around the base with tiny chirping birds flitting around in the branches. This year a small squirrel was hopping around in the branches and making squeeks at all the excitement down below him, unwilling to come down while the farm owners border collies wandered around the visitors in the pasture. It really is lovely there and feels like a mini vacation whenever we go to the farm for the sale.

I was able to purchase 5 inch pots and 1 gallon pots all at $3.25 each, a great price for such big heath and heather plants. I have a number of larger sized heather plants and one heath plant to add to the garden, probably in the front yard to add to the family of heaths and heathers already in place.

My plan was to plant up the barrel in the back yard with four or five heather plants, digging up the bulbs from the planter and replanting them elsewhere. We did just that this past Saturday, I replanted the brodiaea bulbs and daffodils around the obelisk with sweet peas climbing up the structure. We moved the barrel over into a sunny location and I planted four heathers and one heath in the barrel. One of the heathers has an open expansive growth pattern with pink lavender flowers. Two of the heathers are erect varieties, one with multiple cream orange colors on the leaves while the other has lime green and brown marking on the leaves. Two of the smaller plants found a home in the barrel. One has a lavender flower paired with deep green leaves while the smallest sized plant is a heath with deep green leaves tipped all year long with bright cream and peach colors. It is really pretty already even though it is only a 2 inch pot size plant.

I'm most excited about adding heathers and a heath to the barrel in the backyard. You can see the barrel from the dining room window, it should be really beautiful once the plants grow out and reach a year or two in the barrel. I can't wait to see the end result a few years from now.

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