Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Butterfly Bush and Fuchsia Favorites

The butterfly bushes finished flowering last month, I wish they flowered longer but they are spectacular while they bloom. This is my favorite color, it is a magenta bloom. The dark purple bloom is also gorgeous, we have two of each along with two of a lighter purple butterfly bush lining the back yard fence. I imagine if I cut back the spent bloom spikes there might be another flush of blooms during summer here. I may have to try this out and see what happens. I have a cutting of the magenta butterfly bush in a gallon container to try and root it over the winter. I'm not sure if it will work but its worth a try. Butterfly bushes are so hardy I would think rooting them would be fairly easy. I'll have to read up on rooting cuttings for butterfly bushes and see what advice I can find.

The thymifolia fuchsia is doing great under the holly tree in the back yard. It took a good two years to get this plant established under the tree. The tiny dark pink fuchsia flowers are blooming pretty much year round, much the same way they were blooming in my Petaluma garden all year long. Fuchsias love the coastal weather and grow well here in Eureka. The thymifolia plant is a good two feet tall and spreading up and out each season. Planted in front of it is one of my two-toned pink fuchsias I grew from a cutting. I have a small thymifolia plant I grew from a cutting of the thymifolia fuchsia under the holly tree. It is planted between the two Grosso lavenders in the front yard. After two years in the ground the plant is finally starting to get taller. I'm hoping for as much growth for this plant as the one in the back yard. The combination of purple wands of lavender surrounding the tall dark pink thymifolia fuchsia will look beautiful against the front of the house.

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