Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Planting Heaths and Heathers

Saturday was spent planting heaths and heathers in the garden. My husband and I were out in the yard by noon, an hour earlier than usual. The forecast was for rain so I did my best to plant four gallon pots of heaths and heathers in the front yard. I had one spot open in the walkway border to the right of the house and planted a pink flowering heather there. The remaining plants were planted in the big border to the left of the house, two heathers and one heath planted there. It was busy work and I was moving as fast as I could. The heath was another large bell flowering plant with pink bells, matching in color the other heath planted there already. The other two heather plants both have pink/lavender flowers and are fairly tall and wide, they should go well with the other heathers planted in the flower bed.

As soon as I finished the fourth planting the rain started, first a light drizzle turning into a heavy drizzle, which made us head indoors quickly. I have three more heaths and heathers to plant. I've decided to plant them beneath the pink jasmine in the back yard. I have naked lady bulbs in the beds below the jasmine plants so not much is in the beds so far. I can see the three plants doing well there in the back yard. One of the heathers is "Silver King", I had this plant in the back yard in Petaluma and it grew to a huge size, it is a beautiful plant with silver foliage and lavender flowers.

The photos in this post are of two heathers in place in flower beds planted last fall. The larger pink heather is in the main flowerbed in the back yard with a new purple fuchsia cutting planted behind it in the center of the flower bed. The other plant is a low growing heather planted near the rhododendron in the front yard, it is surrounded by a ground cover of blue flowering lithodora. My goal is to add as many heaths and heathers to my garden as I can fit in. They are beautiful, hardy plants that need minimal upkeep once they are in the ground for a year. A good weekly watering for the first year, making sure the roots are not waterlogged and the soil drains well, then a yearly trim after blooming will keep them happy and looking good.

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