Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Planting Daffodils, Tulips and Pondering Amaryllis Bulbs

I planted the remaining boxed bulbs I got from our local store this past weekend. The daffodils and tulips ended up in the long flower bed in the back yard. The original home owner planted pink tulips and pink hyacinths in this flower bed. The hyacinths have established themselves well in the bed while the tulips are blooming but obviously have been in the flower bed too many years and are showing their years in terms of color and size of the flowers they produce.

I tried digging up and moving the hyacinths but they are buried deep down at the bottom of the flower bed. The tulips I've kept in place because they seemed to belong there. Recently I found some white daffodils with pink trumpets at the store and some dark purple tulips. I thought that they would be a good combination to add in with the established spring bulbs already in place in the long flower bed. I added in some purple dutch iris with yellow markings into the long flower bed last year and they are doing very well in their new home.

Saturday I decided to plant the bulbs and went out into the yard an hour earlier than usual since showers were predicted and its a good thing I did. It started to sprinkle enough that by the time I finished planting the bulbs I was feeling fairly damp. I surrounded the pink heather plant and the tall purple fuchsia planted behind the heather with white and pink daffodils on either side. I added the purple tulips a short distance on either side of the pink daffodils to expand the bulbs surrounding the center of the flower bed. I'm looking forward to the spring display, it will be good to see new flowers and flower colors mixed in with the original bulbs in the flower bed.

My mother-in-law gave me another red amaryllis bulb kit for my birthday. I still have last year's amaryllis pot on my work desk. I think I will take the older of the bulbs and plant it outside in a sheltered location. I've always wanted to try this and since I have two of the same bulbs it seems like a good opportunity to experiment. I have planted paperwhites outdoors before after growing them indoors and they seemed to work fine there. The obelisk outside the dining room window currently is supporting a vine of sweet peas. I think having a red amaryllis on either side of the metal obelisk would be really beautiful during the holidays. I'm going to give it a try and will see how things progress with the amaryllis bulb planted next to the obelisk.

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