Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Planting Heather and Crocus Bulbs

I spent time this weekend planting the remaining three heather plants and planting crocus bulbs. I purchased three boxes of crocus bulbs and planted them in the long flower bed under the tall jasmine vines growing up the wall surrounding the hot tub on our deck. The three remaining heather plants were planted at the base of this structure as well. The heathers look great in their new place and the variety of bigger crocus in whites, yellows and purples should provide a nice show in the early spring. The smaller crocus were planted beneath the ferns and calla lilies near the gate. I already have some primrose, violets and two cyclamen planted under this area but it still looks sparse so crocus were added to liven up the spring display.

I received some tiny sized pruners from my husband for my birthday recently. I used the new pruners to trim the two summer blooming heathers in the back yard; they are located in the flower bed that needs to be torn down and rebuilt. I planted these two plants as my first heathers in place here a few years ago. The plants have grown quite tall and wide. I used the curved pruners to trim off the old flowers from the plants and the pruner worked perfectly for trimming heathers. The curve of the pruners helped to shape the plant while pruning. Since both plants bloomed quite a bit it took a while to trim off all the old flowers but I finished it up and they look pretty good overall. Most of my heaths and heathers are fall or winter blooming shrubs so I'll have lots of trimming to do by early spring.

I used the new curved pruners to trim up my small carnation plants in the large flower border in the back yard. Lots of clipping of old flowers from the tops of the plants, they have a nicer curved shape now thanks to the new pruners. The list of garden work is still long but lucky for me my husband trimmed back the runners on the pink jasmine vines and the few spurts of growth on the hedges while I was working on heather and crocus planting, giving me two less tasks to do as the garden year nears its close.

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