Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creeping Raspberry Plant Profile

During the winter months I thought it would be fun to showcase plant profiles of my favorite garden workhorse plants and new plants I'm interested in growing. This week's plant profile is a new plant I'm propagating called Creeping Raspberry.

Creeping Raspberry (Rubus calycinoides) is a dense low maintenance groundcover that establishes itself by forming runners rooting nodes that form new plants. The plant sports attractive thick evergreen leaves that change color from green to burgundy during fall and winter months. The plant likes sunny locations and does well in shady areas as well, making it a good groundcover for gardens and urban areas. It can be used in container gardening, tumbling over container edges. Creeping raspberry produces small 1/2 inch white flowers in mid-summer after which edible amber colored fruit appear. The plant is not invasive but spreads readily. Once creeping rasberry is established it needs little water except in hot summer months. Creeping raspberry is a low maintenance plant, a quick trim in the spring will take care of older foliage withered from winter.

Full sun or part shade, Zones: 6-10

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons:

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