Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eureka Earthquake

Eureka went through a 6.5 earthquake on Saturday, January 9, 2010. It was the biggest earthquake I or my husband had ever been in. He had gone through Loma Prieta, I've been through earthquakes in San Francisco and we've both been through earthquakes in Sonoma County, but nothing like this. Being 25 miles away from the epicenter may have something to do with it. Thank goodness the epicenter was offshore where quakes usually happen here and not on land.

I can only describe the quake as if a freight train was running through our Victorian home. A photo from the local paper above shows a one story Victorian that was pushed off its post and piers, rendering the home uninhabitable. The shaking of the earthquake was sideways in large jolts throughout the house. We are very fortunate that our Victorian has a real foundation and is not on posts and piers like many of the Victorians in town. There was quite a bit of broken glass in our home as well as others in town but no major problems with our house. A few injuries at the local mall, some gas leaks and power outages were the main result of the earthquake. We were without electricity for six hours until it came back on that day. We were grateful for so little damage to our home and to us.

The garden withstood the earthquake and sits serenely as usual, as if it never happened. Like many of the century old Victorians in town our garden survived the quake with no major damage. I am grateful we didn't lose any of our trees in the garden in the process. Here's hoping our garden survives through earthquakes now and in the future.

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